Marine | Industrial Type Electric Water Heater

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63 63EWH-M Marine & Industrial Type Electric Water Heater

63EWH-M marine series industrial type electric water heaters are vertical floor standing with tank&command panel. This series provides domestic hot water with high volume and high KW power. Industrial type marine series has a functional design suitably developed in order to meet hot water demand for vessels with high number of staff.

Hot water preparation time is approximately 1 hour according to the tank volume. Power determination is done considering this. Its’ inner tank, outer jacket and control panel are all made of SS304 stainless steel. Control and command of the water heater is possible through the control panel mounted to the unit.

Please view PDF catalogues from our website for different volume and KW rates. 64EWH-MHE serie is marine type boiler with thermal (hot oil, steam, hot water) circuit, 65EWH-MB serie is marine type electric heating tank. Please contact us to get further information or view our product catalogues.