Istanbul Kazan Ltd, established in the year of 2004, is a manufacturing company in the field of heating hot water, mechanic installation and contraction industry. Istanbul Kazan Ltd has been growing its market share with its unique products for various applications such as residents, construction sites, marine, military and industrial facilities.

Istanbul Kazan Ltd has been manufacturing electric water heaters, electric heating tanks, boilers with heat ex-changer and hull, hot water boilers, boilers with solid fuel and heat ex-changers in order to develop a known and wanted “Eastanbul” brand for both local and worldwide market.

Under the leadership of our young, dynamic, innovative and entrepreneur team, we provide project specific products and customer oriented sales and after sales services. Istanbul Kazan Ltd. achieves customer satisfaction with its competitive Quality & Price policy and has been exporting its units to worldwide in the light of “Warmer Face of Quality” motto. This success which has gained in a short period enables Istanbul Kazan Ltd to raise its export target to an higher level, every year.


Product Range

  • Economic, commercial and industrial type electric water heaters,
  • Electric hot water tanks,
  • Boilers with hull, single / double heat ex-changer,
  • Domestic type calorifiers with solid fuel
  • Marine type electric water heaters,
  • Industrial and instant type electric water heaters
  • Marine type fresh water units,
  • Pipe Type Circulation Heaters,
  • Project specific manufacturing

As well as manufacturing products of its own brand, Istanbul Kazan also supply OEM products. Customers of OEM products are very well known brands, and trust us as a solution partner.

Istanbul Kazan aims to contribute Turkey’s rising targets with the help of its dynamic, well equipped and specialist staff. In the light of this aim, owing to definite customer satisfaction principle, İstanbul Kazan has become a competitive and strong company which can adapt to changes quickly & accurately.


Our Mission,

Our main mission is to produce products of technique expertise with the aim of contributing Turkey’s rising targets in the field of international arena.


Our Vision,

In the field of heat, heating and hot water field;

  • Value-added solutions in the light of correct technology both in national and international arena,
  • Ever-evolving product range with the help of continuous manufacturing and sales service improvement,
  • Quick adaption to technologic developments,
  • Leading to innovation,
  • Always providing highest quality service and product with the help of knowledge, technology and customer response,
  • Contributes to the country’s economy,
  • Always creative and innovative,
  • Meets customer and co-worker expectations at higher level,
  • Becoming a preferred & trusted solution partner& brand for both national and international corporations.


Our Values,

Istanbul Kazan had been developed in the light of below mentioned values to provide competitive technique products in order to contribute Turkey’s economic evolution and to minimize export dependence;

  • Trustworthiness,
  • High sense of responsibility,
  • Knowledge and experience,
  • Quality awareness,
  • Permanent improvement and development,
  • Commitment to business ethics,
  • Suitable technique product selection based on project


Project Based Solution Approach

Adaption to changes, providing solutions beyond expectations and to meet needs correctly can only be possible by accepting each customer as a solution partner. Istanbul Kazan build its organization on “correct project – correct product” philosophyin order to provide operational, technically and commercially advantageous, efficient, effective, competitive & project based solutions, products and OEM service in the field of domestic hot water and heating industry.