Commercial Type Electric Water Heater

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53 53EWH Commercial Type Electric Water Heater

Floor standing 53EWH series commercial type electric water heaters provides domestic hot water with the help of its’ electric command panel. This model is suitable where the hot water request is at short intervals and at max. 1000 liter capacity. Electric command panel of these units developed in order to heat the water inside of the inner tank, in one hour.

Control and command of the water heater is possible through the control panel mounted to unit. Please see the catalogue of 52EWH for the models which have an approximate 1-4 hour heating time.

Please contact us for special feature requests to meet your project necessities or for completely stainless steel (SS304, SS316) products which are mandatory for some industrial projects. Please contact us to get technical information for industrial type water heaters with high capacity or electric heating tanks which may be necessary to use as long with stainless steel electric water heaters in laboratory applications, chemistry-textile industry, industrial kitchens, marine industry, special home-villa projects and etc.